Environmentally Friendly

While other printing companies are waiting for regulations to be released, Colour Perfect has already gone green. Why? Because we know it’s the responsible thing to do. In addition, we know our customers are concerned about the environment, and we want to team with them to achieve an eco-friendly earth today and a cleaner planet for our children and grandchildren.

Environmental concern is not a passing fad. At Colour Perfect we want to partner with you to create a better world.


Colour Perfect takes responsibility for the environmental impact of our company by reducing dependency on non-environmentally friendly resources.


We use quality, clean inks. Not only are these more environmentally friendly than other types of based inks, but they create a sharper, brighter image.


You do not need to burn gas to get our quality printing services. We have worked hard to create this web site, which walks you through every step of the process, from design to payment. You can get any kind of printing product you need right from your computer. In addition to our full-featured Web site, we have friendly staff ready to answer your questions when you call or email us.


We also realize the environmental benefits of using post-consumer recycled paper instead of non-recycled paper in terms of trees, water, energy, solid waste and greenhouse gases. We use only uses paper with high post-consumer recycled content, whitened without chlorine or chlorine compounds when possible.


You may want to highlight our commitments in your promotional materials to demonstrate how your company is helping to save the environment.

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